Habitbot is a simple, free tool that lets you set goals you want to accomplish on a regular, recurring basis, like going for a walk or practicing piano every day.

The goal is to help without getting in your way. So, it has a very small feature set and a very simple interface.

You type in goals in natural English, like: “Practice piano every day”. Habitbot will parse this and create a checkbox for you to check off every day.

It will keep track of how long you’ve consecutively completed a goal and display it as a “streak”. This is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s “don’t break the chain” technique.

Habitbot is based on the idea that lifestyle changes come from taking action on a consistent basis. Set goals that are good for yourself, stick to them, and you’ll have a better life. It won’t be the difference between night and day, but even just a few little things, adhered to over a period of time, can significantly improve your life.

Habitbot is free and uses your existing Twitter username so you don’t have to come up with yet another password to remember. If you want, you can sign up now.