Support for incremental goals, like “take the puppy for a walk two times every day”, has been added. It only applies to newly created goals, so if you have an existing one like this, you might want to delete it and remake it again.

When you make an incremental goal, the todo list will now show a counter displaying how much progress you’ve made. Checking off the box and clicking “done” gets you one step further to the goal, and when you reach the goal amount (two in this case), it shows it completed as two out of two.

The screenshots above illustrate how this currently works.

For this to work, the goal has to be of the form “(something) (number) times every (interval)” or “(something) (digit)x every (interval)”. So “go to the gym 3 times every week” is valid, as is “go to the gym 3x every week”, along with “go to the gym three times every week”. For numbers over 20, write out the digits.

I’m a little worried this will catch things incorrectly that aren’t actually what was intended, but hopefully you can reword goals that mistakenly get misparsed another way so that it isn’t a problem.

Hopefully you find this useful. Please email or tweet @fearofcode if you have any problems. Thanks!